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It is really quite the bloody thing how utterly delightful and supportive everyone here is, particularly considering my Mexican is Unit 1 DuoLingo level (Maxed out purple everything but still), and my CrossFit is below high school level. If they speak English, they ask me how I’m doing and congratulate me on not being dead on the floor in a wet pile, and if they don’t speak English they smile and fist bump me.

I am by far the least experienced and skilled in the the entire building, but literally no one has done anything to make me feel bad about it. To be fair, I’m not sure they COULD, as I am very comfortable with the truth of my position within it all, and just very excited and grateful to be here, at this stage in my life were I think I’m finally mentally ready to actively aim at mastering my own physicality.

I spent the past 7 years working through a number of mental issues that had been holding me back, or down, or somewhere other than the place I wanted to be - borderline psychotic-abusive self talk, my entirely terrible relationship with money, alcohol and other such dependencies, decades of socialist indoctrination, all that. I’ve done very well with all those afflictions, thought there’s aways work to be done, vigilance must be maintained strictly and aggressively, as the old demons will pop back out at the first sing of weakness… and now, it is time to get this race car cracking before it’s time to dash the fucker off the proverbial cliff.

Anyway, today they had us doing a shit-ton of presses and pushups and pullups and run around the blocks and swangs and presses and hold weights in the air whilst lying on ones back with feet in the air which fucking STINGS, holy cow, I was not expecting that, and I was literally laughing out loud after about half an hour of this when I could literally no longer press 20 (twenty) flipping pounds above my head as my arms were shaking so bad and had decided to refuse to communicate with my brain in some horrified act of rebellion against the host.

Did some stretching at the end which was shocking delightful, for the first time ever… I noticed myself saying “ooooh that’s NICE” out loud in a sort of out of body fashion at the end as I was tripping out hard from the activity times heat times lunacy of it all I seemed to be floating above my body somehow.

Very cool. Back to the crib to chill with familia and work on music. Back at it tomorrow. Lucky mud.

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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THE MANUAL by Josh Lekach | Book Review

An odd thing about knowing things is that once you know something, you immediately forget you did not always know it, and then strangely, default to assuming everybody else knows it too.

This is my experience, at any rate.

Somehow I often manage to completely forget the decades I spent flailing around not knowing things that I now take for granted… like the fact that picking up heavy things and putting them down again makes you feel amazing, skyrockets your confidence, increases your mental abilities, and connects you to the transcendent and divine in a manner that serious 1990s ecstasy devotees could but dream of. I only worked that out relatively recently, due to some errors in my upbringing and the devious and evil propaganda I suffered, that convinced the young me that artistically inclined types like myself didn’t engage with physicality, and the sorts of people that did were dumb meatheads (inversion as usual, the people I meet in gyms are typically the most wise and cerebral one could hope to encounter). No, what I ...

Jocko Willink & Akira The Don - EVEN IN DEATH | Music Video

From the album GET SOME:

Often, people write to me saying something like, “I love you and Jocko’s song GOOD (… but how can I reconcile that with death?”

The song goes some way to answering that. EVEN IN DEATH ( is a highlight from an album that is all highlights, GET SOME (, and was one of the songs I spent the longest on. It started as a simple string coda, carrying Jocko’s words like a calm ocean, building into a storm of tsunami intensity as drums and guitar were added, and finally the glory of the full string section.

The video features footage from Ninja Scroll, which I have loved since I first saw it as a child, and remains one of the most powerful films I have born witness to.


This DJ Banned From US Over Mandate Like Djokavic Because Of Biden’s INSANE Travel Policy!


Rapper, broadcaster, political slash cultural commentator, and designer of excellent hats An0maly, who used to come and dance like a very tall Travolta at my epic Saturday night sessions at No Vacancy in Hollywood invited me onto his show to talk about being locked out of the USA like Novak Djokovic ( We spoke about how my family and I got locked out of the USA, what LA was like during lockdown, our new life in Mexico, and much more.

Lots of you have been asking how you can support Meaningwave and help us get our stuff back and all that, which is very nice and floods my heart fit to bursting. You can always cop merch, join the Patreon, and send one of donations, and there’s a page with all that info here.


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