Meaningwave is a musical psychotechnology developed by Akira The Don with the aim of helping listeners to achieve their potential in this lifetime.
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Luck Is The Residue of Design ft. Douglas Murray | Single | This Week In Meaningwave July 8 2022


Kindly put your hands together for the return of the mighty DOUGLAS MURRAY to the Meaningwave Universe, with the effervescent LUCK IS THE RESIDUE OF DESIGN!

Because luck isn’t just mere chance, “it’s the consequence of men and women making good decisions.”

Speaking of which, MMA superstar Michael Chandler chose to soundtrack his workout with some Meaningwave this week, and if that’s not an excellent decision I know not what is

Elsewhere in Meaningland… COFFEE & MEANINGWAVE 2! Supporters can download the mixtape for free, and everyone can check out the visual

Vinyl continues to land in the homes of the righteous!

Secure yours here

Being stranded in Costa Rica has NOT STOPPED the Meaningtrain… the next album is done, and singles will be ...

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Drawing My New Avatar

Timelapse of me drawing my new avatar

Tools: Procreate on iPad with Apple Pencil

Own the NFT at !




With lyrics adapted from Berton Braley's poem of 100 years hence!


Art by me!

Own the NFT!


My various communications channels were flooded this weekend with messages alerting me to the existence of the new JRE X JBP interview. "Where am I going to find three hours to listen to a podcast this weekend?" I wondered, very aware of all that needed doing. "Plus I have a live stream to do!" And then it hit me. Hey! Why not do both!

And so, we had the pleasure of enjoying a fine Sunday afternoon listening to JRE 1933 ft. Jordan B. Peterson (, whist I played a suitable soundtrack and was restrained as possible with the vocal delay effects. Enjoy!

MEANWHILE! 2 days left in our January sale! Open in a new tab while you listen to the stream and choose yourself something nice, and use code JAN at checkout for your 20% discount!

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Happy 100th birthday Grandfather Tadeusz

Happy birthday to my grandfather, Tadeusz, who would have been 100 years old today, had he not exited this veil of tears back in the 80s, when I was a little boy.

I loved going to stay with him, in his little flat by the motorway, and I remember him fondly, chain-smoking cigarettes and thinking of the past, sometimes pausing to sit me on his lap, where'd he'd take delight in excitedly slapping my cheeks with both hands until they were red.

Here he is with his great grandson Hercules, who he never met, and lives on through.

"I'm so glad he's my ancestor," Hercules told me, excitedly, after listening to tales of his great grandfather's adventures.

Born in Poland, he lived "a good and happy life," until World War II broke out, and his home was invaded by the Soviets, and he was taken from his family, never to see them again. He was later taken to a forced labor camp in Germany, then escaped, or was liberated, no one's quite sure... after that he found himself in France, then joined the Polish ...

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IF THIS ISN’T NICE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS ft. Kurt Vonnegut | Single | This Week In Meaningwave January 27, 2023


Kurt Vonnegut is not new to the Meaningave Universe - one of the earliest Meaningwave releases was a musical version of an audio book of his deeply prescient dystopian warning on the horrors of enforced equality, Harrison Bergeron ( I have long been an enjoyer of his works, and consider Cat’s Cradle one of my favourite books to this day.

I first read of his “If This Isn’t Nice I Don’t Know What Is” philosophy in a collection of short stories, the name of which currently escapes me, that currently resides with most of the things I collected in my first three decades on earth, back in a storage facility in north Wales somewhere, which I look forward to getting back someday. A simple and radically powerful philosophy, gifted to Kurt by his uncle Alex - when you notice something nice, you make a point of pointing it ...

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