Meaningwave is a musical psychotechnology developed by Akira The Don with the aim of helping listeners to achieve their potential in this lifetime.
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That Missing Something - How I Had To Go To Mexico To Find What I'd Been Searching For My Whole Life

As 2021 began I lived in Texas, and my exercise consisted of jumping up and down for about 4 hours a day as part of my two live streams, during which I’d swing the occasional kettlebell.

I'd reached the best place I’d ever been mentally and spiritually, after finally conquering a gang of dragons that I’d been at war with my whole life.

But there was something missing.

When I was a little kid I liked comics and music, I got in fights with bullies every single day, and was literally that kid who got picked last for the football team. I got the impression that people like me didn’t DO sporty stuff, so I didn’t, and when I left home on the eve of my 16th birthday, I launched myself fully into the excesses of what I thought, from my reading and cultural exposure, creative people did.

You can imagine how that went. I’ll write a book one day.

It wasn’t til my early 30s when I was preparing to move to the USA that I thought to take my physicality seriously. By day I worked on my DJ library, and by night I ran on the beach and did pushups. Soon I was in the best shape of my life.

Then I moved to LA and became a club DJ, and the accompanying lifestyle of shots and afterparties soon had that best shape of my life fading away.

Presently, I invented Meaningwave. And as I integrated the lessons from the music, things changed fast. I made JBP’s Drinking Song, which said alcohol is a shortcut to random adventure. So I chose my own adventure, and soon that LA DJ lifestyle too faded away.

As '21 began I lived in Texas, and had been finally granted my new visa. We had to vacate the US immediately, to visit an embassy and get our passports stamped. We flew to Mexico. Due to an international pandemic of foolery, the Embassies were booked till 2022. It was OK. We loved Mexico. We made friends. Found the perfect local coffee shop. Next door to the coffee shop, a gym. I wandered in one day, and took a CrossFit class. I didn't even know what CrossFit WAS.

I've been going 5 days a week ever since.

As 2022 begins, I'm in the best shape of my life. Stronger, healthier, happier than I ever even knew possible.

Here, in Mexico...

I finally found that missing something.

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Akira The Don ft. Tom Waits - NIRVANA | New Music Release | This Week In Meaningwave December 2, 2022


“And the young man thought, I'll just stay here… I'll just stay here”

We proudly present the follow up to last week’s THE LAUGHING HEART… Tom Waits once again reads Charles Bukwoski, bought together in transcendent fashion with prime Akira The Don production, in the mighty Meaningwave manner…


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THE LAUGHING HEART ft. Tom Waits x Charles Bukowski | Music Video

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Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Akira The Don
Vocals by Tom Waits & Akira The Don
Words by Charles Bukowski
Video by Akira The Don & sakurabipolar

PODCAST: {ungeskriptet} 27: Modern music lets you act like a child! - Philosopher and DJ Akira bei

Had a delightful and muy intensidad conversation with the esteemable {ungeskriptet} podcast. We went DEEP LIKE THE ABYS On such matters as Meaningwave, my journey from Hollywood to Mexico, the true identity of the dreaded THEY, conspiracy, The Domain Of Your Control, Whether Jordan Peterson is DONE, and how to make money by saving the world…

“Philosopher and Musical Artist DJ Akira The Don started in elementary school to loop music on cassettes with four-track recorders. Music never really interested me, until I found Akira. He works with Jordan Peterson and the son of Alan Watts and produces very unique, well incredible music.

If you want to know what makes his art so special join the realtalk with Akira in the whole episode #27 {ungeskriptet}.”

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